Digital Innovation in Northstowe

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 15:30

There is lots of potential for exciting digital developments to be delivered at Northstowe. We sat down with Clare Gibbons, Northstowe’s Healthy New Town programme lead, to find out more...

Northstowe’s contruction is happening during a technological revolution.
From developments in health apps allowing advancements in self-care, to the prospect of driverless mass transit systems, there is huge scope to bring improvements to our quality of life.
We have the opportunity to build an infrastructure that supports these technologies – harvesting the power of big data and the Internet of Things to support a vibrant and healthy community at Northstowe.
We recently brought together experts across a range of disciplines to consider this potential as Northstowe is developed.
There are some particularly exciting examples being explored in Cambridge, Oxford and other cities here in the UK and abroad.
Northstowe is one of ten NHS Healthy New Towns. We will continue our quest to understand how we can support healthy lifestyles and a high quality environment and will keep you updated as we identify projects that can really make a difference to wellbeing here in Northstowe.

Clare Gibbons, Northstowe Healthy New Town programme lead.

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