Responsible Travel Planning

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 15:30

We’re working hard to make Northstowe an environmentally friendly and healthy town that is easy to get around. As part of this, we’re developing an efficient and sustainable transport system for our residents through a Residential Travel Plan (RTP).

RTP’s are a requirement for all new developments that have significant transport related impacts on the local transport network.

The overarching scope of a travel plan is to reduce the amount of single-occupancy car trips to and from the site by encouraging non-car based modes of transport.

As part of Phase One, the RTP has set two key targets – the first is to reduce single-occupancy mode share by 10%, five years after the first occupation, and the second is to achieve at least a 25% uptake of walking/cycling and use of bus vouchers by first household occupiers within one year of full build-out.

To help achieve these targets, new residents are being given a welcome pack including walking maps and bus timetables, and they can also claim a voucher of up to £50 to help towards walking and/or cycling equipment. There are also cycle training groups available for children and adults looking to build their confidence up.

Going forward, the RTP will continue to monitor results, promote sustainable plans via social media and dedicate £15,000 per year towards sustainable transport measure and initiatives.

In other transport news, at the October community forum, Andy Campbell from Stagecoach came along to the meeting to listen to resident’s views about the bus timetables and availability along the guided busway.

Andy shared his opinions and discussed costs and legalities associated with running buses. Andy also explained that Stagecoach buses on the busway have increased from 20 to 43 since it opened and he intends to put on more buses as the demand from new residents makes it viable. For more information please see the presentation available at the bottom of this page or contact


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