Community Update - site works April

"On site - in the field - we are currently installing a de-watering system to get water out of the ground. Tubes suck the water out so the ground is suitable to then dig and install pipes. We are taking pipe delivery at the moment. These are the storm and foul pipes that will be the main drainage system. Hopefully this will take five or six weeks (if the weather says fine).

We aren’t working Saturdays at all at the moment.

Hawk, the site-wide earthworks contractor, are at Hattons Road ponds digging two vole bypass channels ready for voles to be translocated to in the Spring of next year.’

...and answer questions put forward by local residents:

What is going on on-site - why is it getting higher?

“Raising the levels of the site - mainly the south end - is to enable drainage and to elevate the ground to above the 1 in 200 year flood level. We are also balancing the earthworks and keeping as much material on-site as possible to avoid excessive road movement and off-site landfill.”

What facilities and provisions are provided for the site workers?

“There is sufficient parking space on-site. Most of the workers (and the site managers) bring their own lunch. There are skips and bins on-site and both male and female toilets.”

What restrictions are there around loading and unloading out of working hours?

“There is a provision to collect or deliver, from 7am to 7pm on Monday to Saturdays, which is part of the planning permission provision. However it is anticipated that such collection and deliveries will be only on an occasional basis and restrictive in nature.”

“I wouldn’t rule it (Saturday afternoon activity) out completely but it would be rare - the football is on!”

What is the update with vehicle beepers?

‘We have written it into our contractors contracts that they are not permitted to use tonal beepers. Directional white noise beepers are permitted where required.”

There’s a need for a mandatory maximum speed limit of 20mph for all roads within and approaching Northstowe, with lower limits within residential side roads.

“‘The section of B1050 adjacent to the development which we are currently working on, the speed limit will be reduced to permanently 30 miles per hour. Within the development traffic calming measures will be installed.”

Please can the golf club sign to be removed?



From Hilary Cox, Northstowe Community Engagement Officer:

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