£73 million approved for community facilities
A further £73 million is agreed to support more community facilities at Northstowe


An agreement that will see £73million invested in community facilities at the new town of Northstowe was backed by local Members today.

The developer agreement from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) approved at the Northstowe Joint Development Control Committee will see millions of pounds invested to deliver facilities including the town centre, two primary schools and over £10 million toward the secondary school being built alongside the first homes. 

In combination with the planning permission for phase one the proposals for phase two will deliver approximately 50 per cent of Northstowe’s projected housing and also significant elements of the town’s required infrastructure, the town centre, the site for the secondary school, 2 primary schools and the Southern Access Road (West) - a crucial new highway link from the south.

Members agreed the sum of £73million to progress a section 106 agreement between South Cambridgeshire District Council and the HCA and granted on that basis outline consent* for phase two with matters reserved for design, appearance, access, landscaping and layout.  Full permission was given subject, with similar conditions, for a crucial highway link road.

It’s intended that phase two will deliver a variety of homes for a mixed population.  The section 106 agreement includes a voluntary review mechanism put in by the HCA to assess the viability part-way through the build out of phase two to assess whether the affordable housing level of 20 per cent can be increased, and also includes an  increased amount of £73million against the £70m initially proposed.   

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is the Government’s land and development agency developing part of the new town site which includes MoD land to the north west of Cambridge, alongside Gallagher Longstanton Ltd. 

Paul Kitson, Head of Northstowe for the HCA said: “We are really keen to keep momentum going and we have a lot of work to do over the coming year which will involve undertaking work to satisfy the planning conditions, including the production of a design code for Phase 2.

  Our plans demonstrate a commitment to bring forward crucial infrastructure alongside a range of housing and facilities suitable for a modern and vibrant town and alongside a commitment to continue to work with all parties to develop a town that is a fantastic place to live and work both now and for many generations to come.”

When complete, Northstowe will have up to 10,000 new homes and an anticipated population of around 24,400 people. It already benefits from a guided busway which runs alongside the development, and which will have dedicated links into and through the town, and will offer quality transport links and quick connections to the towns of Cambridge and St Ives, a secondary school operated by Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust, and a vibrant town centre, all offering plenty of employment opportunities for local people.

Key dates:

  • Gallagher Longstanton Ltd started major road improvement works in for the first 1500 homes and related facilities in April 2015 
  • The first Northstowe homes are due to complete in 2017
  • The first building has started - a Church of England primary school being built by Kier Group 
  • Phase Two would aim to start on site in 2018

The full report considered by Committee can be found here.  The Committee gave outline consent in prionciple in June, you can read more about that here.

Gallagher starts £450m phase one works with a new primary school

Gallagher is pleased to confirm that after having committed significant resource to promote the new town and help deliver the Guided Bus over the last 15 years, and following extensive earth and archaeological works, that we have now commenced this new £450m development. The first phase of a £40m infrastructure delivery programme, without any public financial subsidy, is well underway.

This phase of the new town will include the delivery of 1500 new homes and new employment opportunities and a local centre, in addition significant leisure and community facilities are being delivered. Gallagher is also funding the delivery of a new £11m three form entry Primary School which is underway and will be available in time for the first new home being occupied.

The delivery of these first 1500 new homes is crucial to meet the high level of demand in the area for market and affordable housing. Phase 1 will be part of a sustainable new community of ultimately up to 10,000 homes with a town centre and areas for employment.

The Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) plans for Phase 2 to provide for the next 3,500 homes a town centre, shops, 3 schools, roads and employment opportunities have been approved subject to legal and financial obligations being agreed later this month.

The promotion of the new town jointly by the private and public sectors involving Gallagher Estates and the Homes and Communities Agency has been a positive and successful venture having had the close support of the local authorities, South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council.

Northstowe is in a highly accessible location within a transport corridor served by the successful Cambridgeshire Guided Busway which has recently reached a patronage of 3.5 million passengers per annum for the third year of operation and serves new and existing communities to the north and south of Cambridge as indeed it will serve Northstowe residents in the future. In addition it will connect to a new Science Park railway station at Chesterton north of Cambridge which will be ten minutes from Northstowe.

When complete, Northstowe will have up to 10,000 new homes and an anticipated population of around 24,400 people. As well as great transport links, it will offer a secondary school operated by Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust, and a vibrant town centre, all offering employment opportunities.

The Government is also committed to an improvement scheme for the Fen Drayton to Milton section of the A14 at a cost of circa £1.5 billion which includes a major reconstruction of the junction at Bar Hill to accommodate the additional traffic flow from Northstowe. This major highway improvement scheme is currently subject to a Public Examination which is expected to last until November 2015. Work on the A14 road improvements are expected to commence towards the end of 2016 and be completed in 2019/20, providing access to Phase 2.